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The pictures on the following pages are original and have not been retouched (too much).  Some of them may be 500KB to 1MB in size.  View or download at your own risk.

Now that you’ve been properly warned, you are welcome to go through our photo gallery and share a small part of our lives here at the lake.  There is some semblence of order in the grouping and display of the pictures.  Not necessarily what the

rest of us may consider orderly, but hey, at least they’re available.  Keep checking back as pics will be added as they are acquired. 

Credit is given to the photographer wherever possible, but if you notice any errors please inform the webmaster. All of the photos were taken by amateur photographers, but be forewarned that the copyright laws of the United States and foreign countries apply here.

Now that you’re bored with the details, on with the pictures.  They are for your viewing pleasure.  So enjoy!

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