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Oct. 16, 2017 -  The small contingent met to shut down the Pioneer for the winter season: Bill, Paul, Keith and Sherry.  Some extra support work was also done to the Yellow Submarine (All Inn II).  The door to the master bedroom was not closing properly and it was presumed that the outer support walls may have settled a bit.  The floor joists under that section of the door frame were jacked up some and now the door closes properly.

The water heaters in both cottages were drained.  The All Inn was refilled (cleaning out sediment).  All the pipe lines in the Pioneer were drained and camper antifreeze added to the drains.  Hopefully all the pipes will safely survive the winter.

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Jul. 29, 2012 - The owners met at the Hunter’s house on Sunday to discuss the insurance details and to look at floorplans for potential replacements for the All Inn.  Martha Allis and Lois Allis were also in attendance.  Project tasks were assigned to call contractors, surveyors and the insurance company to make more detailed plans and to answer additional questions the group had.  The next work weekend will be the second weekend in August.

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Jul. 27, 2012 - For the first time this season all the AIPA owners were in attendance at the lake at the same time.  Extension cords were run from the temporary electrical drop to the Pioneer so that a working refrigerator could be used.

On Saturday, work began on organizing and packing the items in the All Inn.  In the afternoon, Katie Allis came up from Indy to visit and see some of the damage first hand.   There were also visits from contractors who looked at the damage and are to give quotes on repairing the Pioneer.

Most of the owners left on Sunday leaving Keith and Sherry to continue packing.  Dan returned Monday to help continue the packing process.  Most all the the smaller items were packed by Wednesday afternoon and Sherry, Dan and Keith retuned to Indianapolis, Thursday.

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Jul. 5, 2012 - On Friday afternoon, June 29th, storms accompanied by high winds raced in from the northwest felling trees and taking down power lines all over Koscuisko County.  The AIPA cabins were not exempt from natures carnage.  The tree on the northwest corner of the Pioneer snapped about 4 feet above ground and fell across the front portion of the roof of that cabin.  Meanwhile the tree near the old outhouse was blown over at ground level.  The final resting place was across the All Inn and crushing the outhouse on it’s way down.

Friday evening found Michelle, Sherry, Dan and Keith surveying the damage and taking pictures.  While Keith placed tarps over the hole (and part of the tree) in the Pioneer roof Michelle made phone calls to the insurance company and appointments with restoration contractors for the next morning.   Sherry and Dan did some preliminary cleanup in the All Inn which sustained the worst damage. The force of the impact popped open the cabinet which held all the drinking glasses and cups.  Easily a third of the glassware was broken.  The back window was also ejected from its frame on the back porch.  Furniture and bedding was moved from under the holes in both cabins in anticipation of more rain that evening.  The four workers then spent the night in Warsaw.

The following day proved that incidents of the day before had not been a bad dream.  While Dan met with the restoration contractors, Michelle carried on with phone calls, Sherry continued cleanup and Keith further reviewed the damage by the bright light of day.  It must be noted that Michelle performed her duties admirably filling in for our association president while he dealt with his own family’s tragedy.

On Thursday, July 5th, another assessment trip was made to the cabins. This time Paul, Dan, Keith, Jon and Jarret attended.  The trees had been removed from the cabins, sawn into firewood and tarps placed over the remaining holes.  It was determined by the crew that the Pioneer could be repaired, but the damage to the All Inn was too extensive.  The cabin sustained not only crushed walls, but also cracked floor joists.  The impact shifted the cabin over several inches as well.

Plans are being made to install a temporary power drop so that some electric service can be restored.  There will soon be a future work trip to salvage any contents of the All Inn that can be reused prior to final demolition.  This has indeed been a sad and eventful week.

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Apr. 19, 2009 - After a seemingly endless winter the intrepid owners returned to the lake.  Paul led the way on Thursday to install the water pump and Dan followed later to meet with the gas-utility company Friday.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an opening weekend without some sort of plumbing issue.  The lines are taking in air somewhere so the pump is not as effective as could be.  Then there’s the water heater in the All Inn...  It’s not heating the water!

There had been some discussion about whether to move the picket fence next to the property line of the Blue Moon cottage.  A large section had fallen down during the winter and was temporarily wired back in place by Bill.  A final solution has yet to be determined.

A new sign was procured by our beloved President and hung in the Pioneer.  The biggest acquisition of all is the pontoon boat purchased by Dan from our neighbor Mindy Lankenau.  A few names were tossed around for the initial vessel of the Pioneer fleet, but none were selected.  The craft is expected to make it’s first appearance during the Memorial weekend festivities.

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Feb. 9, 2009 - The AIPA board met on this date to approve the minutes of the last meeting, discuss finances and make plans for the upcoming year.  Opening weekend will be April 17th.

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Aug. 18, 2008 - Another work weekend has past and we’re preparing for the annual ODT lake party. Bring your tents, bring your goggles, bring your drinks, but mostly bring yourselves.

This past weekend we dug a hole and filled it up again.  A most productive use of our time and energy.  At least a DNR Conservation Officer came out to check on our progress.  After determining that we were lawful (this time), he left to file his report.

In actual fact we were checking our septic system or it disappearance.  According to our project manager, and his witching rods, it should have been where we dug.  Quite possibly, it has sunk lower than 5’ as there was no sign of it.  To that end we may be replacing it within the next year.

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Apr. 21, 2008 - We had our 1st formal board meeting for the year on April 5th.  Schedules were considered, finances valued, projects selected and items voted for.

Opening weekend will be April 25th to the 27th.  Be forewarned denizens of Yellow Creek Lake, we will return!

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Oct. 15, 2007 - We’ve closed up the cabins for the winter season.  It’s usually a sad time for us as we enjoy escaping to the lake.

It was still a relaxing time.  All the owners were present and we had an owners meeting along with the usual eating and drinking.

Keep an eye on this site, however.  There are lots of pictures to add from this year, last year and years before.  Sherry is working on a scrapbook of the ODT at the lake (over the years).  It’s looks good, but you’ll have to come up to the lake to see it.

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Sep. 4, 2007 - Another successful Labor Day weekend, with perfect weather,  at the lake full of intrigue, adventure and of course partying.  Not only that, but a new member was inducted into the ODT.

Friday night started out as most long weekends at the lake would with the exception that Sherry was there to greet folks as they arrived.  She spent the entire preceding week at the cabins in peaceful solitude.  The fire was started and the weekend began.

Happy campers arrived at differing days and times.  We even had first timers there from Nashville, TN.  Tents were erected and shopping lists made for the run to town.  There was, however, one unfortunate incident that led to the noisy departure of one of our own at 5:00 AM.  There was talk and speculation the next few days, but the situation didn’t dampen the overall jovial mood.

Paul, of course, fixed his wonderful breakfasts every morning and delicious meals were served up every evening.  Thanks to all who pitched in to serve meals and clean up afterwards.

In another moment that reminds us of the brevity of life, Trevor had a near disaster as one of the retaining bolts came out of the front fork of his motorcycle causing the tire to come loose while riding.  Fortunately, he was not injured and came away with only a set of badly jangled nerves.

Some of the more mundane highlights were: the ongoing fire eventually burned the stump to a pile of ash.  Lots of pictures were brought and passed around for all to view (keep an eye on this site for their posting).  Some of us had the opportunity to view the inside of the old school house across the road.  One of our visitors fell out of a boat while fishing and the motorized recreational craft, brought by the Redmonds, had to be towed in twice.  One of those times by a row boat.

Bill brought it to the attention of most that the ODT had been frequenting the lake cabins for 25 years this summer. There was an overwhelming turnout throughout the weekend.  We had a final head count of 33 people who were there at one time or another.  A heartfelt thanks to all who came and spent time, swapped stories, brought pictures and generally added to the successful merriment of the weekend.

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Jul. 23, 2007 - This past weekend much work was accomplished.  All hands pitched in except for the Redmonds who are still in seclusion after their Hawaiian adventures.

Bill repaired dining chairs in the All Inn and worked on the china cabinet under Sherry’s supervision.  He also opened up the trailer and gave it a good cleaning and spraying for bugs.

Dan went ladder climbing and pruned the apricot tree.  It really needed it.  He also started recycling cans and bottles.  This may be a Herculean task on Labor Day weekend.  Interestingly enough, our neighbor across the way is also collecting glass and cans for help his grandson raise money for the future.

Keith moved more sod and soil from the growing beachhead to in front of the All Inn.  The objects are to divert water runoff from the road around the cabin and to enlarge a beach area for folks to hangout near the water.

Sherry and Michelle scraped and sanded the wood rocker from the All Inn.  They even took it out to the lake to baptize it and each other.  This was in preparation of refinishing it to look brand new (almost).

All-in-all it was another successful weekend venture.

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Jun. 5, 2007 - Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone.  A group of us managed to get up to the lake however for the usual fun and festivities.  A long weekend should never be missed at the lake.

We weren’t, however, the first group up there.  Some had made the initial trip a couple of weeks earlier to officially open the cabins for the season.

Work began on the All Inn.  Dan removed the air conditioner from the window of the main room.  I’m not sure if anyone remembers how long it’s been there or the last time it worked.  It did provide more light into the room and added to the general cheeriness of the cabin.

Keith began transporting sod and soil from the future beach area to the front of the All Inn.  This was in keeping with the long term goal of routing water around the cabin rather than under it.  The eventual goal being to level all of the added sections with the main room.

Bill even got his tools out and rehung the side door on the breezeway porch.  It now opens far enough to actually let someone larger than a pencil in.  Good job everyone!  A great start to the work for the season.

In other exciting news, Mandy and Paul celebrated their 25th anniversary by renewing their vows and hosting a reception with family and friends Sunday, June 3rd in Indianapolis.  Our heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple and may they experience the joys of many more.

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Mar. 2007 - Warm weather is becoming a regular thing in Indiana again.  Time to start thinking about the annual cabin opening event.

Aug. 28, 2006 - Our fearless Leader, President Bill, led the charge this past Friday in the last work weekend before the ODT lake trip.  In a manner of self-sacrifice that was a wonder to behold, Bill braved the the Battle of Bushmills.  Such a sight had not been witnessed since his near-death experience in the Makers Mark Massacre.

In the best example of ODT bravery Bill led the troops through grape, grain and shots.  There was, of course, the traditional naked lake crossing to sneak up on the foe.  The assault was almost exposed when a local denizen came upon the faithful command.  As luck would have it, the female intruder was shocked into silence.

The next morning, revealed that all was not well with Bill and some of his command.  However, the tasks were still before us and our project manager moved to the fore.  Digging commenced around the stump of a walnut tree that had fallen on the All Inn several years before.  It was suspected that the sewer line had been damaged in the fall.  The previous work trip seemed to show that the lines were clear, but a puddle began to form near the stump after the line had been snaked out.

After much digging, sweating and mucking about in the rain showers, the stump was removed with the aid of Paul’s truck and a much strained chain.  The digging continued until dark to reveal two additional breaks.

Sunday morning dawned on Paul completing the final prep work before the new line was installed.  After installation the process of refilling the trench began.  It was hot work and all hands pitched in.  It was duly noted that the President, despite grievous injury, was wielding a shovel for brief periods.  He was an inspiration to all.

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June 2006 - The pre-July 4th trip apparently yielded more completed projects.  All drains seem to be functioning correctly and will be ready for the next group gathering.

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May 30, 2006 - The first work session of the season occurred over Memorial weekend.  Lots of projects were completed.

The Pioneer was stripped and deep cleaned.  The masonite ceiling was torn out along with the ceiling tiles from the bathroom.  Michelle proved she’s a force to be reconned with by wielding a sledge hammer and destroying a old shelf unit.  We also got a good look at our four legged squatter.  It was a flying squirrel and we’ve named it Rocky.

The plumbing at the All Inn was repaired and the new shower unit installation was completed.  We did discover there could be some drainage issues in the sewer line.  It will be a top priority on our next trip.

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