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Legal Stuff

The Alll Inn/ Pioneer Corporation is a  legal entity doing  business in the state of Indiana..  Additional information may be found below..

a. Corporate Information filed with the State of Indiana .

b. Legal Description of the property.

c. Acknowledgments and Credits.

Corporate Information

Entity Legal Name:

Entity Address:

General Entity Information:

Control Number: 2005060800651
Status: Active
Entity Type: For-Profit Domestic Corporation

Entity Creation Date: 6/6/2005
Entity Date to Expire: N/A
Entity Inactive Date: N/A

This entity is current with Business Entity Report(s).


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Property Legal Description

025-071-033 Lots 13 & 14 Tuckers Park  1st Addition

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Acknowledgments and Credits

The All Inn / Pioneer Association was made possible with the help and contributions of many people.  To each and every one of you a sincere and heartfelt thanks for everything you’ve done.

Martha Wise Allis - “Mom”, thank you for your love and generosity in allowing us the opportunity to purchase the property.  None of this would have been possible without you.

Bill and Dan Allis - What a great idea to keep it in the “family”; also for photo contributions and passing along the history.

Paul Redmond - for being a great project manager to help keep the places standing.

Gary and Wendy Curto - for your photos and generous support.

Mindy Lankenau - for your photo and history contributions.

Chris and Shari Preston - for photo and party submissions.

The ODT - for your love of fun and debauchery.

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