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Yellow Creek Lake
Yellow Creek Lake

Located in Seward Township of Kosciusko County, this natural lake is 151 acres of beautiful aquatic fun.  Fishing, swimming and boating are the prime recreational activities here.  I’m pretty sure that drinking is also a recreational activity here.

There are living accommodations all around the lake.  Simple old cabins, spacious multilevel homes, a trailer park and even a church camp.  Some of the residents live here year ‘round; most of the others are like us,  warm weather birds.

Although it may first appear to be a quiet lake there have been several news worthy events involving this lake.  Of course, there is the occasional big fish caught or a drowning, but there have also been Big Foot sightings.  The Church of God (Anderson, In.) was even founded here.  Hmmm, I wonder if those two events are related?

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Just to give you an idea how beautiful this area is, I’ve included this picture.  I came across it at this site.  Can you find our lake?

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Having been formed by glacial movement, Yellow Creek Lake has been around a long time.  Native American Indians valued the area for water and abundant game.  These people would eventually be driven out by white explorers and settlers, but this is not a political site...

Let’s just say folks have been using this lake for recreation a long time.

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This photo is from an old postcard of the United Brethren Sunday School class outing (circa 1904/05).  The church, originally located just north of the Pioneer, was destroyed by a tornado April 4, 1956.

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The Hohmann family owned a large parcel of land on the northwest side of the lake and had one or two recreational lodges there also.  The photo below (also from an old postcard) was taken of some of the boats, from the lodge, out on the lake.


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Later in the century there were more modern places to hang out and have fun.  One of them was Herron’s Resort.


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As you can tell there have been plenty of places for activities over the years.  Many locals will probably remember Dick and Hazel’s Resort.  This used to be Herron’s Resort.  Mindy submitted this picture of Dick and Hazel Worthen and said it “was such a happenin’ place”.


Ok!  Maybe this store isn’t really at the lake, but most of us could have used their wares at one time or another.

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