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The Pioneer

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The All Inn

These are the cottages of the All Inn / Pioneer Association.  As you can probably tell, we weren’t too original about naming our group.  The trailer in the middle doesn’t really qualify as a cottage (not being a permanent structure).  The building just to the left and behind the trailer is the Blue Bird, which is across the road from us.

The property is just under a half acre and officially located in the town of Claypool.  The cottages are rustic, but at least the property is on the waterfront.  This fact makes the cottages a lot more attractive.

One of the long term goals is to fix-up both buildings so they’re not so cold to stay at during the winter.  There’s always lots of work to be done.  We just don’t up and do nothing.  We also put in our sweat equity.

In case you were wondering... the cottages are not for rent.  They are for the private and exclusive use of the families and friends of the owners.  Sorry to disappoint you.  It’s just better if we don’t have to worry about all the responsibilities of being landlords.

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