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Older Pictures

Here are a couple of pictures submitted by our neighbor Mindy.  Her words say it all:

“I thought you would enjoy these photos - taken at the 'bathing beach' in front of the Pioneer in 1931.  This photo is my Dad - Pete Pence and his sister Barbara...  You can barely see my grandparents, Bob and Dorothy Pence in the background on the left.  The other is of my Dad. my aunt and my Grandpa.

You can see more of Mindy, her family and friends in The Hood.

Pete and Barb


Bob and Kids


Barbara (Pence) Overman Today


These are some pictures from the Allis & Wise family.  They were taken prior to the formation of the Association.

Dr. and Mrs. Wise

The Wise Women

More Family At The All Inn

Modern Transportation

Martha and Mom

Allis Heirs

Young Dan

William and William

Old Man Willow

Walnut Fall Down

Steve, Dan and Lucy

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