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We found out that the weather was coming in the All Inn unimpeded and figured it was time to re-roof.  So... in July, we did.  It was hot work, but we had lots of helpers.  Several non-owners came up from Indianapolis to work with us.  We owe a debt of gratitude to those friends.  Who else would come out in the heat to work for no pay?

All Inn

Day 1 Stripping the Roof

Day 1 That's Team Work!

Day 1 Later That Afternoon

Day 2 More Workers

Day 2 Like Worker Bees

Day 2 It's Hot, Break Time

Day 2 Replacing the sub-roof

Day 2 Adding Temporary Support

Day 2 A Hole In the Roof?

Day 2 Who Left This Hole Here?

Day 2 Sweeping Stuff Off

Day 2 Room With a View

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